5E-logo The Deck of Many Animated Things

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The Deck of Many Things is a wondrous item in DND. A 22 card deck with powerful effects with every draw of a card. Who said doom couldn't be fun?

Each card features an original 8 frame looping animation on the front and easy to reference information on the back.

Contents: 23 Tarot Sized Lenticular Cards + Rules Booklet

• Vizier
• Sun
• Moon
• Star
• Comet
• The Fates
• Throne
    • Key
    • Knight
    • Gem
    • Talons
    • The Void
    • Flames
    • Skull
    • Idiot
      • Donjon
      • Ruin
      • Euryale
      • Rogue
      • Balance
      • Fool
      • Jester
      • Avatar of Death

      Tarot Card size: 70mm x 120mm



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      $24.99 $30.00
        Anatomy of the card
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