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What is the Deck Of Many?

The Deck of Many is a series of 5e reference cards for Monsters, NPCs, Conditions and Weapons.

Made with the support from our Backers on Kickstarter in October 2017. We raised enough to fund our first 7 decks, and with your continuing support are now working on our next batch of decks from more monsters, to items and even animated spells.

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What people are saying

Image for the reviewer Zee Bashew

Zee Bashew


"The Deck of Many is great for running games off the cuff, and also a great way to give players select info without handing them the whole Manual."

Image for the reviewer Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello


"I use the cards every time I DM.
They are a must have for DMs."

Image for the reviewer Geek Dad

Geek Dad

"A fun collection of reference cards which save time and space for DMs and players alike."

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