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What happens to all the monsters in a game after they're defeated? They come to our monster hospital to be cured and get back in the game to fight the hero! 

2020 Global Game Jam
January 31, 2020 to February 2, 2020.
Jam Theme: Repair

Hit Point Press Jammers: 
Ricardo Evangelho, Jordan Richer, Graeme Fotheringham, Rajaa Al-Subairi, Andrea Bruce

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Do you like your boss? Are they OK or just so-so? Are they the living embodiment of unspeakable evil? Or do they believe in a good work-life balance? What are your working conditions like? Do you get a reasonable amount of vacation time? What about your benefits package? Does it cover all monstrous needs?

What truly separates a good final big boss from the mid-level mischief-makers is how they treat their minions. While you master your practice of monster medicine, others are out there, every day, giving it 110%. They take on the hero, guard the loot, and defend the boss. Getting hurt is part of the gig. Your patients are among the lucky. Their boss ensures the chaos they inflict hits the heroes who deserve it.

They do their best to protect their crew from the blowback but they know that it’s not always possible to account for every heroic act. So they do what any benevolent and caring boss would do...they ensure their employees have benefits. Good benefits. The best care stolen money can buy. They are monsters with benefits. You are blessed with the selfless calling of caring for these unwavering underlings. Heal them and care for them as they convalesce back into a healthy hero halting henchman. 


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