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The Deck of Many (TDoM), is a product line that started with a focus on 3rd party 5e reference cards. It was launched on Kickstarter in October 2017 and was and overnight success, achieving 1200% funding in 30 days. Sourced from the Open Gaming Licence v5.1, TDoM launched with Monsters, Weapons Conditions and NPC’s. With the crowdfunding campaign over and initial orders fulfilled, the team is currently building new cards through their Patreon. With their patrons’ support, TDoM is excited to design new Monsters, Items, and Spells, along with a few other goodies that they can’t wait to share.

Since then The Deck of Many has released animated spell reference cards and their first campaign setting Humblewood!

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Ricardo Evangelho


Ricardo Evangelho (AKA "Mr. Jigs") is a graphic designer who loves to build projects. As an entrepreneur, he’s started multiple companies: He founded/runs Hit Point Press Inc.

When Ricardo isn’t building things, he’s coming up with new ideas for projects, working on his EDH decks, or cuddling many dogs (current record: 6 dogs at once).

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Jordan Richer


Born in the early 1980's, Jordan was steeped in the nascent nerd culture without even realizing it. Lego, Back to the Future and stacks of blank paper filled his life until the age of 11, when he was handed the rule books for an incredibly heavy metal and rad looking game called "Dungeons & Dragons." He tried to understand these strange and esoteric texts, but wound up putting aside the books and just pretending to be a wizard with his sister and cousins instead. Because he was 11, and those books are dense. He goes to high school, then to college for animation, and basically just continues to grow into a huge dang geek.

Fast forward to 2014, with the release of 5th Edition D&D - Jordan has cherished his old D&D books, but has played other tabletop roleplaying games through his teens and twenties - UNTIL NOW. Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons takes his life by storm, consumes his every thought and basically transforms him into the coolest guy.

Blink ahead again to 2017, and Jordan is sitting in Rico's office and says "Hey Rico, wanna make D&D stuff?" and Rico replies "Yes." and the rest, as they say is history. Now, Jordan gets to draw goblins and magic potions all day and is generally pleased with himself. If you ask him to DM for you, he will say yes, even though he has 40,000 other games on the go at the present moment because he wants everyone to play, especially you.

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Hit Point Press

Hit Point Press Inc is a games accessory manufacturer based in Canada that focuses on developing cool and exciting ways to improve how people play their tabletop games, including Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering. Founded in 2015 as Cardamajigs.com as a simple token shop for MtG, with only 10 designs in its store. It has since grown to over 500 unique products, from DIY Lifecounters to Pins to Animated Cards. 


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Andy Bruce

Support | Art
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Brian Scott Walters

Logistics | Art
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Leesha Hannigan

Humblewood Art Director
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Cassandra Barbe

Graphic Design
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Rajaa Al-Subari