5E-logo Vol. 3
Available with Demand


5E-logo Vol. 3
Available with Demand


The Deck of Many and The Griffon’s Saddlebag are prepared to print and ship Volume 3 of the Saddlebag’s growing collection of magic items with your showing of support! By purchasing Volume 1 and Volume 2, you help insure that this and other future packs of items are released for you to use at your table!

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With your support, this pack would contain:


  • Bands of the Found and Lost
  • Borboss’ Joyous Wand of Color
  • Everlasting Sugarbomb
  • Ring of the Fowl Sentinel
  • Ring of Roses


  • Bounty Hunter Enforcer
  • Eaglereign
  • Hexaxe
  • Ironshod Trotters
  • Mammoth Boots
  • Overshield
  • Pendant of Thieves’ Sight
  • Peppermince Sugarbombs
  • Rings of Fire, Ice, Stone, and Wind
  • Seafarer’s Jacket
  • Silken Socks of Slickening
  • Sirensong Silencer
  • Spellwoven Robes
  • Telescoping Bladelance


  • Acidlight Arrow
  • Aurum and Argentum
  • Avian Circlet
  • Breastplate of the Morning Light
  • Direstone Dwarven Pick
  • Helm of Heroes
  • Knight’s Standard of Valor
  • Pearl of Wisdom Quiver
  • Plaguebane Mask
  • Radiant Defender
  • Rings of Fire, Ice, Stone, and Wind
  • Shared Burden
  • Starbreaker
  • Trident of the Hydra
  • Vigilus
  • Wisplight Lantern

Very rare

  • Arcane Mirror
  • Bolt
  • Bottled Abyss
  • Edible Book of Recipes
  • Flesh of Dendallen
  • Ironleaf Plate
  • Lance of the Hungering Dead
  • Ouroboros Rapier
  • Pendant of the Tempered Fury
  • Rings of Fire, Ice, Stone, and Wind
  • Scorching Cleaver
  • Shadow Ward
  • War Standard of Battlecries


  • Dragon-Kindled Blade
  • Astral Sea Piercer
  • Puzzle Ring of Vitality, Life, and Power
  • Dragon Tamer Lance
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